About The Bishops/Clergy Registration Exercise

The task of registering all Bishops and Clergy of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) was assigned to the Bishop Theologian, Rt. Rev. Prof. Dapo F. Asaju, by the Archbishop, Primate and Metropolitan of the Church of Nigeria, Most Rev. Dr. Nicholas Okoh, LLD. DD, Fss. The House of Bishops and the General Synod were duly briefed about this exercise.
The rationale for the exercise is the authentic identification of Bishops and Clergy of the Church of Nigeria taking note of their relevant records and for quality control. In secular organizations such as civil, military, and educational institutions, the use of identification numbers for staff or students is common.

The Bishop/Clergy identification number will capture codes for their Province, Diocese, Theological College, place and year of ordination,present status, and personal number. For an example, a priest of Kafanchan Diocese in the Province of Abuja ; who trained at St. Paul's Seminary Awka and was ordained in 1980 would have the following entry- Province of Abuja (13); Diocese of Kafanchan (02); St. Paul's Awka (2); Ordination year (80); Personal number (15). Registration Number will be (13-02-2-80-15). This will reflect in the Identification card and in the records of our Church.


The office of the Bishop Theologian was created by the House of Bishops of the Church of Nigeria in October 2009, when the Rt. Rev. Prof. Dapo Folorunsho Asaju (Dip. Th.  (Vining), B.A. (Hons), M. A., PhD. (Ilorin),  in Christian Theology  and Professor of Theology, was duly elected . He was consecrated on 10th January 2010. The inspiration for this office derived from the Roman Catholic Church’s operating office of ‘Cardinal Theologian’ under the Pope’s office in the Vatican. 

The need to have a Bishop Theologian to supervise all theology related institutions and policies became more germane in view of current crisis and controversies in the Anglican communion arising substantially from abuse of theology to perpetrate revisionism, heresies, false doctrines  and various shades of ecclesiastical evil.

The duties and Jurisdiction of the Bishop Theologian are the following:

  1. He shall be the supervising authority   over all Theological Colleges and Seminaries of the Church of Nigeria(Anglican Communion). These include staff appointments, curriculum, quality control, recommendation of potential seminaries or closure of illegal ones,  Staff condition of Service , Students’ Admission policies and all policy matters related to theological education. He shall be the liaison officer  between the Governing boards and Academic Boards of these institutions and the Primate’s Office.
  2.   He shall supervise  Rectors of all the recognized Theological Colleges and Seminaries and  shall preside at central meetings of  all theological educators.
  3. He shall  be in charge of  training of Bishops, Clergy and lay members of the Church of Nigeria.
  4. He shall be the desk officer of the Church of Nigeria on Theological debates and consultations. In this capacity, he shall convoke theological consultations of Bishops, clergy and theologians to take position on theological issues and debates. He shall, when delegated or mandated  by the Primate, be the voice of the Church of Nigeria on matters relating to Theology , Anglican doctrines, apologetics  and  dogmas.
  5. He shall supervise the processes of the Theological Publications of the major Church of Nigeria for purposes of theological education, evangelism and apologetics.
  6. His office shall be based in the national Headquarters under the Primate’s Office from where he shall superintend over arms of his jurisdiction. He shall carry out other special assignments as may be directed by the Primate of All Nigeria, the House of Bishops and the General Synod.